Easy Website SEO

Make your website found on google

SEO strategy nowadays is not only to do the meta tag in order to get ranked in google. And as google nowadays has improved its algorithm in website ranking, so it becomes more focus on Page Title or content, related to what popular searched from global searchers.

RVsitebuilder 7 provides the easy way to set SEO in your website.

Setting Areas

You can set SEO in 2 ways by page or by site.

SEO By page

It means to set SEO for an individual page that will be effect only on this page.

A) 3-dots Menu next to current page name you're editing


B) Site -> Page Management icon


C) Site -> Menu Pages -> 3-dots after page names


Once SEO clicked, you will be at Page Management box.

Menu Pages on the left colum will bluely highlight the current page that you're going to set its SEO now. You can change to other pages from here.

Page Management with current page name on the right column. The slidable button will be shown with colorless which it's telling that the SEO of THIS PAGE is automatically set by your inserted content.

Slide this button to right before adding SEO to this page.


  • Auto title and description are the automated default for page's title, site brand and description.

    Slide the slide-button to right to custom page's title and description to be more effective SEO.


  • Page title : You can edit page's title to be more search key than page name such as changing Home to RVsitebuilder CMS.

  • Site brand : It is inherited from Site brand you defined as your company.

  • Page's url : You can edit url of this page to be more search key than the normal such as changing https://rvsitebuilder.com/home to https://rvsitebuilder.com/CMS

  • Description : Make a few less-is-more sentences for the seek and found you. A short description about your business.

Tips: Description for your website should be short effective and quick understandable sentences with impact keywords people would use to find what they want relate to your business. Avoid using the very unique words which may relate to your company but people don't know about it. Localization is to focus on specific countries, be sure about your targeted customers and their locations.

SEO By site

This means to set SEO that will be effect for the entire website. You can edit on any individual pages to use different SEO on guide By page above.

Setting SEO by site

  1. At Site -> Page Management icon


  2. Click Site on the setting panel to switch to Site setting.

    1) Click Site

    2) Select CMS

    3) Select SEO

    4) Select SEO for the entire site

    5) Click Save


  3. Don't forget to click Save on content editor.

  4. Click on My Site to publish what you just have done.