Create New Website

RVsitebuilder Access

By cPanel control panel

  1. Login to control panel.
  2. Look for Software feature group.
  3. Click on "RVsitebuilder 7" icon.


By your domain name

  1. Open domain name on browser with /admin/login-form (You can set the domain name login for admin by this guide.
  2. Enter admin login.



Domain Name Selection

After logging in, you can start your professional site in 1 minute!

  1. Start with click Create new site


  1. Selecting a domain name you want to create a beautiful professional website with RVsitebuilder 7 and clicking "Next" to continue.


  1. Check the information and add Admin Email, then check boxes to agree with our License Agreement.


  1. Have a cup of coffee while waiting for RVsitebuilder 7 creates itself in your domain name.


Template Selection

This ready to use beautiful template, you can select one in more than 138 styles. Keep or customize as you like.



After select template, you will be brought to website editor. Just click Save button, your website will online immediately. No longer PUBLISH BUTTON. It's a new save system in a single Save button that brings your website online in a blink!


Now your website is online!

Let's go further for more beautiful and unique one!

You may start next step with;

  1. Website Design

  2. Website Menu

  3. Website Content

  4. Page Management

  5. Website Footer

  6. Online Form